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To visit the museum you must purchase an online ticket for a 2-hour time slot. We are sorry, but we can only offer a limited number of tickets. Tickets can be booked 3 days in advance. If you are entitled to free admission, please book a free ticket - you will not be charged - and show this unasked together with the required ID as you enter the museum.

We are legally required to record visitor attendance. That is why, when you buy your ticket, we need contact data for every ticket holder in case they have to be traced. Our lawful grounds for processing these data are set out in Article 6 (1) (c) GDPR and our legal obligation derives from the Berlin Ordinance on Measures Required to Protect the Population from Infections. After your visit, the data will be stored (inaccessible to third parties) for four weeks. If it turns out that during your visit somebody was ill, suspected of being ill, infectious or shedding the virus in the meaning of the German Infection Protection Act, the data will be passed on to the public authority responsible at its request.

For questions regarding your order please contact the See Tickets customer service on

Sitzende mit B?hnenmaske von Oskar Schlemmer im Stahlrohrsessel von Marcel Breuer, Foto: Erich Consem?ller, um 1926, Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin, © Daniel Müller
© Daniel Mmüller

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